Intro paragraph.

Try to keep your sentences short – less than 20 words.

Paragraphs should also be short – 1 – 3 sentences.

This helps with ease of reading as people skim content or read on smaller devices.

Use sub headings through your blog to break up the content.

Minimum 300 words, however a blog around 600 – 900 words is a good length.

Use dot points to break up your content.

Use images in your blog to also break up content.

Conclusion paragraph. Link to a call to action eg. contact you or another related blog. Internal links in a blog are good for SEO and keeping people on your site.


Blog title – make it short and catchy – less than 10 words.

Don’t forget to change the permalink (URL) under the title so it’s shorter.

For example:

The benefits of brushing your teeth morning and night could be changed to a URL of /benefits-brushing-teeth-morning-night/