Tooth Tales Disclaimer


[Last updated: 22 March 2021]

While Dr Bethany Fisher is a registered dentist, the services she provides in the Tooth Tales performance are for entertainment and education purposes only.  The information contained in the performance is of a general nature only, Dr Fisher (Dentist) is not providing tailored dental services or tailored dental advice. The educational content is also not specific to any participant or person. Any oral health concerns or questions about a specific participant should be addressed directly with the participant’s own registered dentist. Always seek the advice of a health care professional for appropriate medical advice, including oral advice.

The performance aims to educate participants about oral hygiene practices in a fun and entertaining manner. Tools for oral health include good dietary habits and regular brushing and flossing however there may also be additional recommendations based on an individual’s needs. Any additional requirements should be discussed with the participant’s own registered dentist.

Viewing or participating in the Tooth Tales performance will not provide participants with all the skills they require to independently care for their own teeth. Particularly for the early childhood age group, adult supervision is still required to ensure oral hygiene habits are developed and to monitor how effectively and regularly brushing and flossing are taking place.

While still practising limited hours as a dentist, Dr Fisher (Dentist) is not affiliated with any particular dental practice and does not provide the Tooth Tales services for the purpose of promoting or endorsing any particular dental practice.