Making looking after tiny teeth fun is one of our main goals at Dr Bethany’s Tooth Tales.

Issues with toothbrushing are something we hear about on a daily basis – the “spiciness” of the mint, the foamy texture, or the yucky taste, finding a toothpaste little ones tolerate can be a challenge, and make toothbrushing time even more challenging.


So it’s no surprise that when we found Bumbl Co Toothpaste we couldn’t wait to share them with all the little humans we visit.

Developed and owned by Joe, a practicing Australian Oral Health Therapist, wanting to target the struggles so many parents face with trying to find an effective toothpaste for their child

Not only are their three flavours super friendly for little humans, but they’ve also removed so many ingredients they found didn’t add any benefit to how well toothpaste works. Free from PEGs, SLS (the stuff that makes toothpaste foamy), sodium saccharin, and of course, no menthols or mints (the stuff that makes toothpaste spicy!)

The toothpastes are sensory friendly and best of all they contain the recommended fluoride concentration for low-risk Aussie kids under 6 years old.

Their packaging is 100% recyclable (tube, box AND cap!) and contain unique and fun brushing instructions.

I’m so excited to share samples of “Bumbl Gum”, “Monster Melon”, and “Strawberry Shake” (my favourite) with all the tiny humans I visit.

And the team @ Bumbl Co have given me a code to share – you can use the code TOOTHTALES15 for 15% when purchasing online.